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Our vision is to strive and meet demands, both big and small, whilst minimizing compromise on the quality of work. We strongly believe that not only do we provide web solutions, we build brands. We at Webrex continually strive to be No.1 in whatever we do and we make no bones about it. We exactly know what you're looking for. If professionalism and quality coupled with an exemplary operational efficiency is what you're looking for, we are the name to look for. Our diverse technical knowledge and ability to learn makes us, without a shadow of a doubt, the best when it comes to the domain of web building solutions. Call us now - our experts would be happy to hear from you!ey!

Email For Your Company

You get customised email IDs like [email protected] with space up to 5GB.

Get advance virus detection,spam control and vulnerability detection.

It works seamlessly across devices like PC,tablets and almost all mobile phones.

It is compatible with MS Outlook, Thunderbird and phones like Black-berry, iPhone, Android phones etc.

Set appointments and get reminded on your phone while travelling.

Its powerful admin features let the admin add/delete email IDs, control incoming and outgoing emails.


Choose site template, and customise the site with easy to use tools.

Upload videos and photos to show case your products & services.

The website is SEO friendly.This will help your company feature in search results.

Interact with your followers.Let the user like your company using Facebook like.

It is ecommerce ready.We take care of payment gateway you sell your products.

It is optimised for mobile and is supported on most of the devices.

Domain name

Get your company brand name in your web adddress e.g.

Manage DNS records like MX, A Records, CName Records etc.

Setup upto 5 sub-domains like

Forward your domain name to another home page or web site and keep track of all your customers.

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